WAV vs MP3 – Oneself Blind Test

A lot of people say that mp3 sounds like a wav. If you have a good and trained ears, you will can differentiate the perceptible diferences, without deceiving yourself. Then you won’t need to convince no one that lossy formats are hateful.

But, I always will recommend you a good equipment to realize the prove (for example, pair of medium-quality studio monitors, and a well acoustically conditioned room).3


.:How to Use:.

  1. Load a original WAV file (in the WAV button), and then load the converted MP3 of that file (in the MP3 button). The samples going to distribute automatically.
  2. You can prepare the samples at minute and second that you want. Then (if you want), you can redistribute the attribution of the samples as many times as you want.
  3. Play a sample, and when you want, stop it, or play directly the other sample.
  4. You would be foolish if you deceive yourself, so you can uncover the samples whenever you want.



  • To verify that the program is not a hoax, load a different mp3 song.
  • Make sure that the samples are always the same volume.
  • If you start to play the sample out of its total duration, it just will not sound.


.:Final notes:.

Usually, any mp3 sounds thinner and lacks “dust” in the treble, at best (compared to the original wav). But, the quality of encoding and bitrate can make it sound much worse.

You need .NET FRAMEWORK 4 to run this program (probably you have it).

If you found some bug or anything, please, send me a feedback to:






MD5: C5E92DD090644A2CE1B8B0E4955985B6

SHA1: CA89295377280E03C49490EB61165E2105526707

SHA 256: 73161C76F1629111FDAB5DE5D0FA35D63A9B3566DD8A30071F556F60B3B60605

SHA 512: 9AF07E92132C8E2CEFDB5231311E8C8C49E355ECAF60D7073875F01307196BDECEC40C727B28F38FE36D8101AEFF7C3F4958ACC1273BA1A5F337E18721F85AA1

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WAV vs MP3 – Oneself Blind Test

Chronos 2.2

This is a better version than 2.1

Download links:



Hash info:

MD5: 6EA6B5B1F4F7514C1FEAD8C56C608C94

SHA1: 0DD9CD8615D77EBF3AF0878362AD71E9557DB55C

SHA 256: 92D48E3859FE803B163FAAB7A8BB769A0DD518A8095853A7675364CA68ED0926

SHA 512: ADDCAA601E74817B964631B41840F2FB9DB2EC8B4DDE0C3BB0208BB8849E092D3250E462A24EC0DA445448B2DBD9F8DA39174BB7BC7D08FB430743D9C33A5C21

Tiger: AD9FEEF38703B77A3C5571B94F536344E284ED1150F01B27

Whirlpool: 75A15101CBD257F0EAC0D585CEED2BA7F080C426E33DEE71A200AC799EF9BCEAB034A839F9590AC0D846A3123655BDD7A05F11E6C50CF38C76D96ED883689420
Chronos 2.2

Chronos 2.1

I updated chronos 2.0 because I found some innocent bug.

Here is Chronos 2.1 download links:



Hash checksums of chronos-2.1.zip:

MD5: 33E0A564F0D1C51513B1471AEFEF5413

SHA1: 3860880B8B5FDB5C09425BE5B1A676F7FFC98835

SHA 256: 384C0649B0AF68A2B0FEEB9463C76F5E67F797427B385188E8E5D43377ADD507

SHA 512: 34AABD40A56B237C0ADD7BB9121C7DBA48B8F1E3D9B4C54CCDB9449D22295C43311513DBF853DBF252C5C702EFECFA47F2260DD2F757D8E807A36734E9837273

Tiger: E22821BB23A29D90D0BA59B5BDCFF820D5B955F32DACFB1F

Whirlpool: 0790353114B55593D5D5AFDAF37CF474D1B0B5174935E376A6EC2D52E1143E018ED0B7E0F0A2E62EC935DDD599FE58F02D4F45EAADA71BC5A599E8F50FDDE80A
Chronos 2.1

Chronos 2.0

icon final 256

This week I have perfected and expanded Chronos. This is the list of changes and new features:

  • Individual timer per player (except in Hourglass mode).
  • Expanded maximum time to 90 minutes.
  • Disabled Keys around Space Key during the game.
  • Hourglass mode added.
  • Fischer mode added.
  • Bronstein mode added.
  • Set moves number to activate or deactivate Increment (Fischer and Bronstein).
  • Optional Reflexion parameter added. Remaining minutes to activate or deactivate Increment in Fischer and Bronstein modes (for the foodies).

I hope you enjoy. Any bug, question or suggestion, please, contact me.


chronos-2.0.zip includes:

  • Chronos.exe
  • readme.txt

Download link (dropbox):

Chronos 2.0

Hash checksums (chronos-2.0.zip):

MD5: A0B5C96DE9EA27982379A12BC6520892

SHA1: 611FE3101C44159D9EE88866F3A8F8465F1895C3

SHA 256: A3E37FDA69705E21A9C48D820EFD06A9803D52FEF7C929E25F4D961815F30246

SHA 512: 09A5D7BC8B631842360A5DE1F39ED531B886FF7F4F46F93BBED12E7EF7BB7125010C000646C409F3E7C86DEC44A2C6575208E87A54A80050708262208478DC7D

Tiger: CB38184ED290453DA8E0B773F4CB28B231D114BD55DE5707

Whirlpool: 7066884BC574C9CEE66C1DBEC3416566F8C122DA49C99C238CEC09FD69D869593B4AEBDA948AF018C37C7B83DC48F84778158E86CA480A83CD5F75CC83466B8D
Chronos 2.0

Chronos 1.0

icon final 256

Faced with the need to introduce time factor in  the chess games with friends, I decided to program a simple timer, to make the games more exciting. I thought it could serve others.

Chronos 1.0 it’s a simple chess timer.

  1. Set Parameters (2 players names, color of player 1, and game’s life).
  2. Start Chronos.
  3. Press Space Key to switch the turn.

If anyone spends all time, Chronos alerts to the players and finishes.


chronos-1.0.zip includes:

  • Portable app “Chronos.exe”.
  • “readme.txt” file.

Download link (dropbox):

Chronos 1.0

Verification checksums of chronos-1.0.zip:

MD5: 8546557A389403E7B7AD133D2739A020
SHA1: BC912A53E37A90E6844C059DB3ACD6116B88BD24
SHA256: 518C8B67C9596C288CE548AB0DDA9625D13E1B54D5D2F2FC4097774C5F2E0A26
SHA512: 61DBE594E9686DE731C53AB2C3FC74C2B7159DE909C4D9F09E1D7791EDE5DE15E9F00BA7285D38FCDD003E36614F87328490656CD9CCC27120E99210797FED54
Tiger: D4A31252A4160B4C2ACE1AAD299EDC8B5688728F66675BBB
Whirlpool: 8D9C686B7AC1B0164541D2524DF874478D3602E9BB4905503136785B6F6B90E0EF9B7AC07DBBBD00AEFCBB13884C8930C639DDE719AC62C3B66A9D4ECE61B3D6
Chronos 1.0