WAV vs MP3 – Oneself Blind Test

A lot of people say that mp3 sounds like a wav. If you have a good and trained ears, you will can differentiate the perceptible diferences, without deceiving yourself. Then you won’t need to convince no one that lossy formats are hateful.

But, I always will recommend you a good equipment to realize the prove (for example, pair of medium-quality studio monitors, and a well acoustically conditioned room).3


.:How to Use:.

  1. Load a original WAV file (in the WAV button), and then load the converted MP3 of that file (in the MP3 button). The samples going to distribute automatically.
  2. You can prepare the samples at minute and second that you want. Then (if you want), you can redistribute the attribution of the samples as many times as you want.
  3. Play a sample, and when you want, stop it, or play directly the other sample.
  4. You would be foolish if you deceive yourself, so you can uncover the samples whenever you want.



  • To verify that the program is not a hoax, load a different mp3 song.
  • Make sure that the samples are always the same volume.
  • If you start to play the sample out of its total duration, it just will not sound.


.:Final notes:.

Usually, any mp3 sounds thinner and lacks “dust” in the treble, at best (compared to the original wav). But, the quality of encoding and bitrate can make it sound much worse.

You need .NET FRAMEWORK 4 to run this program (probably you have it).

If you found some bug or anything, please, send me a feedback to:






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WAV vs MP3 – Oneself Blind Test