Chronos 2.2

This is a better version than 2.1

Download links:



Hash info:

MD5: 6EA6B5B1F4F7514C1FEAD8C56C608C94

SHA1: 0DD9CD8615D77EBF3AF0878362AD71E9557DB55C

SHA 256: 92D48E3859FE803B163FAAB7A8BB769A0DD518A8095853A7675364CA68ED0926

SHA 512: ADDCAA601E74817B964631B41840F2FB9DB2EC8B4DDE0C3BB0208BB8849E092D3250E462A24EC0DA445448B2DBD9F8DA39174BB7BC7D08FB430743D9C33A5C21

Tiger: AD9FEEF38703B77A3C5571B94F536344E284ED1150F01B27

Whirlpool: 75A15101CBD257F0EAC0D585CEED2BA7F080C426E33DEE71A200AC799EF9BCEAB034A839F9590AC0D846A3123655BDD7A05F11E6C50CF38C76D96ED883689420
Chronos 2.2

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