Chronos 2.1

I updated chronos 2.0 because I found some innocent bug.

Here is Chronos 2.1 download links:



Hash checksums of

MD5: 33E0A564F0D1C51513B1471AEFEF5413

SHA1: 3860880B8B5FDB5C09425BE5B1A676F7FFC98835

SHA 256: 384C0649B0AF68A2B0FEEB9463C76F5E67F797427B385188E8E5D43377ADD507

SHA 512: 34AABD40A56B237C0ADD7BB9121C7DBA48B8F1E3D9B4C54CCDB9449D22295C43311513DBF853DBF252C5C702EFECFA47F2260DD2F757D8E807A36734E9837273

Tiger: E22821BB23A29D90D0BA59B5BDCFF820D5B955F32DACFB1F

Whirlpool: 0790353114B55593D5D5AFDAF37CF474D1B0B5174935E376A6EC2D52E1143E018ED0B7E0F0A2E62EC935DDD599FE58F02D4F45EAADA71BC5A599E8F50FDDE80A
Chronos 2.1

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