Chronos 2.0

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This week I have perfected and expanded Chronos. This is the list of changes and new features:

  • Individual timer per player (except in Hourglass mode).
  • Expanded maximum time to 90 minutes.
  • Disabled Keys around Space Key during the game.
  • Hourglass mode added.
  • Fischer mode added.
  • Bronstein mode added.
  • Set moves number to activate or deactivate Increment (Fischer and Bronstein).
  • Optional Reflexion parameter added. Remaining minutes to activate or deactivate Increment in Fischer and Bronstein modes (for the foodies).

I hope you enjoy. Any bug, question or suggestion, please, contact me.

chronos2 includes:

  • Chronos.exe
  • readme.txt

Download link (dropbox):

Chronos 2.0

Hash checksums (

MD5: A0B5C96DE9EA27982379A12BC6520892

SHA1: 611FE3101C44159D9EE88866F3A8F8465F1895C3

SHA 256: A3E37FDA69705E21A9C48D820EFD06A9803D52FEF7C929E25F4D961815F30246

SHA 512: 09A5D7BC8B631842360A5DE1F39ED531B886FF7F4F46F93BBED12E7EF7BB7125010C000646C409F3E7C86DEC44A2C6575208E87A54A80050708262208478DC7D

Tiger: CB38184ED290453DA8E0B773F4CB28B231D114BD55DE5707

Whirlpool: 7066884BC574C9CEE66C1DBEC3416566F8C122DA49C99C238CEC09FD69D869593B4AEBDA948AF018C37C7B83DC48F84778158E86CA480A83CD5F75CC83466B8D
Chronos 2.0

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