Chronos 1.0

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Faced with the need to introduce time factor in  the chess games with friends, I decided to program a simple timer, to make the games more exciting. I thought it could serve others.

Chronos 1.0 it’s a simple chess timer.

  1. Set Parameters (2 players names, color of player 1, and game’s life).
  2. Start Chronos.
  3. Press Space Key to switch the turn.

If anyone spends all time, Chronos alerts to the players and finishes.

chronos includes:

  • Portable app “Chronos.exe”.
  • “readme.txt” file.

Download link (dropbox):

Chronos 1.0

Verification checksums of

MD5: 8546557A389403E7B7AD133D2739A020
SHA1: BC912A53E37A90E6844C059DB3ACD6116B88BD24
SHA256: 518C8B67C9596C288CE548AB0DDA9625D13E1B54D5D2F2FC4097774C5F2E0A26
SHA512: 61DBE594E9686DE731C53AB2C3FC74C2B7159DE909C4D9F09E1D7791EDE5DE15E9F00BA7285D38FCDD003E36614F87328490656CD9CCC27120E99210797FED54
Tiger: D4A31252A4160B4C2ACE1AAD299EDC8B5688728F66675BBB
Whirlpool: 8D9C686B7AC1B0164541D2524DF874478D3602E9BB4905503136785B6F6B90E0EF9B7AC07DBBBD00AEFCBB13884C8930C639DDE719AC62C3B66A9D4ECE61B3D6
Chronos 1.0

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